“ Reflection, Reformation and Transformation in a Time of Crises”By: Daphne Knox McClain

In the midst of all the peaceful protests taking place around the world, I decided to spend many of the days over the course of the last two weeks, in the acts of reflection, meditation, and re-dedication. I am re-dedicating myself, my time, my life, my mind and the use of my hands to promoting social-justice and tearing down the barriers of social-injustice and systemic racism. The time has presented itself once again for us as citizens and human beings of this country and other countries and as people trying to live and survive within a “Humane Society” to reflect upon all the ways that racism has or has not impacted our lives, has or has not presented its ugly face to our children, has or has not been experienced by our parents, has or has not been practiced and issued out at the hands of our ancestors, has or has not been silently witnessed by those who did nothing and has or has not stifled our mental health and spiritual growth.

Growing up in the south, I would often hear myself (in a child-like voice) and others in various voices say, “She is prejudice, he is just prejudice, or ask…why are they so prejudice?” Since those days as an innocent, wide-eyed, little girl of color, I have often heard people say, “There is a huge difference between being prejudice and being racist.” However, today, in the year, 2020…in the 21st Century, I ask, “Is there really a difference between the two terms?” Is there really a difference in bias when the words and actions of some individuals are used to make other individuals feel lesser than, or not as important as other human-beings because of the thoughts and ideas that surround the words…racism and prejudice? I venture to say that if the intent behind an action or use of a word is evil, then it is time to analyze the word or words as an extension and expression of one’s inner-self. It is time to reflect, reform and transform the evil intentions of individuals and some organizations, into opportunities for people of all races and ethnicities to claim their rights of DIVERSITY…without destroying the human fiber and without promoting the extinction of human life.

If you have not begun a peaceful plan of action to eliminate racism and bias, begin NOW…begin with SELF.

~Daphne Knox McClain


Image, retrieved from GIPHY, via #images on 6/11/20.

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