“Upside Down – Outrageous Ridiculous Calmness” By: Daphne Knox McClain

When everything and everyone around you seem to have gone turbulent and nothing or no one makes sense…remain calm. There are moments in life when it will become necessary to search for peace. Peace is a gift that you give to yourself. It may be found in a cloudy day, a sunshiny day or even [...]

“Think Orange and Push”By: Daphne Knox McClain

Gif image The bell tolls with a jubilant melody. I still feel the joy! I remember the hope! I remember creamy-cold and soon on the way up! It’s a favorite on the block. A little frozen? No matter - that makes it even better! Those were the days of growing up. Those were the days [...]

“Haiku Series Part 1:Earth”By:Daphne Knox McClain

I. Red clay beneath feet White, soft sand between my toes Life returns to earth. II. Rolling hills slope down. Thunder crumbles the loose dirt- Ground is not the end. III. Bugs crawl upon it. Snails roll around upside down. Stars dancing on soil. IV. Ant hills-burrows-sprouts The signs of life now present. Beautiful axis. [...]

“Haiku Series Part 4:Water” By:Daphne Knox McClain

The Waters of Tybee Island, 2021 taken by Daphne Knox McClain I. Your soul is a wave. It floods through a designed vein; it carries your pain. II. Dear Lord wash me clean; create in me a new heart, that sees my friend’s tears. III. Oceans wide and deep, cannot prevent your promise, to overcome [...]