Video on The History of Black Hair by Chime

“Haiku Series Part 1:Earth”By:Daphne Knox McClain

I. Red clay beneath feet White, soft sand between my toes Life returns to earth. II. Rolling hills slope down. Thunder crumbles the loose dirt- Ground is not the end. III. Bugs crawl upon it. Snails roll around upside down. Stars dancing on soil. IV. Ant hills-burrows-sprouts The signs of life now present. Beautiful axis. [...]

“Haiku Series Part 4:Water” By:Daphne Knox McClain

The Waters of Tybee Island, 2021 taken by Daphne Knox McClain I. Your soul is a wave. It floods through a designed vein; it carries your pain. II. Dear Lord wash me clean; create in me a new heart, that sees my friend’s tears. III. Oceans wide and deep, cannot prevent your promise, to overcome [...]

Haiku Series Part 3: Fire By:Daphne Knox McClain

I. Blazing beneath me, my feet are grounded in faith; knowledge is my heat. II. Walk into the fire; fear not the heat of life’s ire; prove thyself worthy. III. Fire turns into smoke, leaving my thoughts as heart’s mist; loneliness leaves a blister. IV. Orange, red, yellow blaze, you are the defining glow; are [...]

Haiku Series Part II: Wind

Breathe against my skin; watch me exhaling old love, inhaling pure love. - Daphne Knox McClain Breezy are the miles- that crisscrossed our love for years; finally, we’re still. - Daphne Knox McClain Calm days windy nights- listen to your soft voice hum; wishing you were here. -Daphne Knox McClain Sailing through the air; gliding [...]

In Celebration of Memorial Day, we honor the memories of all who served and who sacrificed their health, well-being and/ or lives for the United States of America and its Freedom! We honor you and we thank you!

I dedicate today’s blog to my own father, David E. Knox, Sr., (United States Army Veteran) and to all veteran’s who served our great country!

My grandmother, “Mama Doris” was born on May 22, 1919. Her youngest daughter, my Aunt Rosetta, was born on April 7, 1945. Recently, Aunt Rosetta, passed away, four years to the day, as her late husband. Aunt Rosetta, was laid to rest on May 22, 2021, which was the same day of the month, as her mother’s birth. Wow!

This poem is dedicated to the memory of my maternal grandmother, whose youngest daughter, my Aunt Rosetta, was laid to rest yesterday by our family, on my grandma Doris’ birthday. Grandma Doris, whenever you left home, you would exit the door walking in your high heels shoes with your head held erect, a serious look [...]

In Memory of my sweet cousin, Kalia Olivia Horton:

“Now I remember...When an angel comes, it stays ever so briefly and then it flies away and returns unto its Creator.” By: Daphne Knox McClain Dear Lord, Today, my heart is heavy and the questions stirring in my mind are like millstones tied around my neck. Suddenly, I realize that you are in control. My [...]