Happy Father’s Day to All the Dads who work hard to be loving protectors and wise leaders in their homes…enjoy your special day❣️

GIF - Daphne Knox McClain

Happy Heavenly Birthday to My Beautiful Mother❣️

Delores (Gilmer)Farris-Crittenden All of the images I publish today will serve as a tribute to the beauty my mother possessed inside and out and also to the loving kindness she showed to others throughout her journey on this earth. We love you Mama and we miss your touch. Your touch was one of gentleness. All [...]

Happy Mother’s Day, 2022!~Daphne Knox McClain

My prayer today is that everyone will have a marvelous Mother’s Day and be able to spend time with their Mothers, Grandmothers, and special women in their lives but to those of us like me, for whom that is no longer possible, may you have a day filled with beautiful, heartwarming, and rewarding memories that [...]