Happy Mother’s Day 2021

By: Daphne Knox McClain Voice of My Mother, originated as a tribute to and in honor of the memories of my own mother, who passed away on October 13, 2018. That was almost three years ago. As a result of that action, this blog, and my thoughtful readers, her life and the memories of many [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day! This poem is dedicated to everyone who is in love with Someone or Who has Ever been In Love with Someone…Special! By: Daphne Knox McClain

I am writing to you a poem with RHYTHM but little RHYME because our love... is... FREE VERSE! With you in my life, my heart is an open book and a blank page... all at once. Open enough to receive whatever life may bestow upon us and blank enough for us to write our own [...]

Yesterday, I Thought There Would Not Be Anymore Tomorrow’s…So, Today is Golden! By: Daphne Knox McClain

Herein, lies the new reality for numerous people around the globe. Many are simply thankful, as 2020 has ended and 2021 has begun, to be alive and cherish each new day. Decisions in this new year will have to be made to protect Life, Liberty, Justice, Freedom and Health. If asked to choose between being [...]

November 18, 2020 By: Daphne Knox McClain

In their memories, we cannot give up! It saddens me to have to write that as of today, in the world’s history, over a quarter of a million people have died in the United States from COVID-19! I’m angry. I’m frustrated. I’m in despair. I’m disillusioned. I’m sad...I’m tired. Yes. I feel all of these [...]