“The Father in Him Guides and the Daddy in Him Loves…His Children Adore All of Him!”

On the good days, he is strong, wise, and kind. He puts God first as he leads his home. On his best days, he is loving, humorous and intelligent. He remembers his struggles and pays his debts. On the days I love him most, he listens, discusses and explains. He is a man. He is [...]


“Words to Live By”

Eighty-three years ago today, the woman who gave birth to me, raised me and taught me the power of faith in God was born into this world. Almost eight months ago, that same woman left this earth and transitioned from life, as we who remain attempt to understand but cannot in our limited, yet gifted [...]

“Today it Rained”

Today it rained. Yesterday there were cloudy skies. By Tomorrow, neither will matter because love never dies. I shutter to think of the desolate nights and sorrows you left behind. For me, your sister, they were cold and fierce, empty and void. The questions in my heart grew into three embers of light formed by [...]

“A Memorial Day Tribute to a Soldier’s Life”

A brave heart prepares a path for the weak. The soldier does not walk alone nor fear battle in the field. He and she cherish the blood bonds that unselfishly leak. With shoulders broad and some slender, days seem like months that never yield. The soldier presses forward with memories of home flowing through a [...]

“How do we do it? Only God Knows for Sure.”

"¿Cómo Lo Hacemos?...Sólo Dios lo sabe por seguro." How do you look so deeply within my eyes and cradle my heart, console my mind, brighten my smile and uplift my spirit with your humorous dedication? Some have tried and failed but YOU...you walked into the shattered crevices where no one has ever trod. You focused [...]

“Aiming for the Stars and Landing Inside of Another Galaxy”

Every purposeful decision, every positive step forward and every backward fall leads to a destiny...a place in time that prepares you for the next achievement. Believing in yourself is sometimes the hardest part of becoming successful but remembering that you have succeeded in the past, you've grown, you've matured and you've become wiser with each [...]


My mother always offered encouragement and was always positive. Whenever she felt that I was feeling afraid, lonely or doubtful...she would say to me, ”Baby-girl", you are God’s child; pray about it and understand that I gave you back to God on the day that you were born.” The revelation of the depths of those [...]