“The Color of Hunger” By: Daphne Knox McClain

Gif Yellow-dying in a field...fading, fading-fast the nourishing stalks are weeping and vanishing across Ethiopia. Greenery is plentiful on MY plate, yet today, a mother places before her child an empty plate holding only drying, stale, brown bread. The beautiful Honduran colors...gold, red, hues of blue and tides of orange, all woven together in an [...]

Happy Independence Day!

“The reality of 21st Century Freedom” By; Daphne Knox McClain We must never give up our RIGHT to Freedom! My father was a WWII Veteran, a police officer in Philadelphia and died being an educator of youth. He always instilled within me the importance to vote, to help others get to the poles and vote [...]

“A Rose and Cup of Tea” By: Daphne Knox McClain

Life can be as beautiful yet as delicate as a rose and some of the most memorable moments in life may be shared over a simple cup of tea. SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE! My mother loved roses...I truly understood why when after losing her, I placed a beautiful rose on her casket for the last [...]

“ Reflection, Reformation and Transformation in a Time of Crises”By: Daphne Knox McClain

In the midst of all the peaceful protests taking place around the world, I decided to spend many of the days over the course of the last two weeks, in the acts of reflection, meditation, and re-dedication. I am re-dedicating myself, my time, my life, my mind and the use of my hands to promoting [...]

A Dedication:Happy Birthday Mama! By Daphne Knox McClain

My Mom, a wonderful mother and grandmother, transitioned from this earthly life one year and 8 months ago. Today, is her birthday! She would have been 84 years young! The poetry and prose that I write are always written in honor of her memory. I no longer have her physical presence with me but her [...]

“Peaceful Protests: A Bursting of the Heart” -Daphne Knox McClain

A tear is not just a tear ; it is a river of opposition and opportunity! A walk is not just a walk; it is a march in the midst of fear. Signs are not just signs; they compose a book of solidarity written with words dripping in blood. A yell is not just a [...]