“Where Did You Come From Little One?”

Where did you come from little one? Some say Africa from the frankincense and myrrh of Somalia from the dust of the Sahara and miraculous Red Sea of the Sudan from the ancient civilizations and pyramids of Egypt or from the gold and honey of Ethiopia. ...but I say from God. Where did you come [...]

“There is Something about the Name of Jesus!”

By: Daphne Knox McClain There is a joy in my heart that keeps peace and love from drifting apart that my lips dare not speak. There are delights and wounds from triumphs small and great and injuries left too soon that my soul can never leak. There is comfort from all the pain that shines [...]

Happy Independence Day!

This is a special “Thank you!” to all of my readers and “Voice of My Mother” supporters. The mission is to inspire others to achieve their dreams, to promote dialogue in effecting positive change and to spread love throughout the universe. Love to ALL and Happy Independence Day! -Daphne Knox McClain

“REPARATIONS: A Nation Divided”

A burn heals but may leave a scar. A cut is warmed by renewed skin and recovers from journeys deep and far. A broken heart mends but may leave trails of sorrow. Slavery in comparison is spoken of and remembered yet can never be repaired nor casually ignored. Pride often endures wounds untold for years [...]

“The Father in Him Guides and the Daddy in Him Loves…His Children Adore All of Him!”

On the good days, he is strong, wise, and kind. He puts God first as he leads his home. On his best days, he is loving, humorous and intelligent. He remembers his struggles and pays his debts. On the days I love him most, he listens, discusses and explains. He is a man. He is [...]

“Words to Live By”

Eighty-three years ago today, the woman who gave birth to me, raised me and taught me the power of faith in God was born into this world. Almost eight months ago, that same woman left this earth and transitioned from life, as we who remain attempt to understand but cannot in our limited, yet gifted [...]