“¿Cómo Lo Hacemos?…Sólo Dios lo sabe por seguro.”

How do you look so deeply within my eyes and cradle my heart, console my mind, brighten my smile and uplift my spirit with your humorous dedication?

Some have tried and failed but YOU…you walked into the shattered crevices where no one has ever trod. You focused me. You were true to me and you surrendered yourself without hesitation.

What is love? Many yet ask. How is it shown? The world still seeks the answer but it will never be found in emeralds and golden flasks.

How do we form the right words? How do we fulfill love’s task?

Love’s speech is powerful, evocative and historical. It is the creator of a lifelong conversation? Undeniably, it is often mistaken for infatuation.

In our story, you captured my intellect and held it hostage with your fearlessness and glee. You have taught me that to be Love’s captive means never desiring to be set free.

Love is refreshing like a swift breeze but we can’t but hope that it will be timeless for all eternity.

The future is bright as long as we are not swept away by the ocean’s tide and do not require the other to forsake integrity and turn from Thee.

Honesty, imperfections, trust and dissections are integral components of Love’s compassion, magic and telepathy.

Why not hold on tight and watch our love take flight?

How high will we soar?

Only God knows for sure.

How long will we endure?

Only God knows for sure.

How many secrets will we share? Let’s allow God’s Will to guide us there.

God’s gift of love is meant to provide space for hearts to intertwine. It is a comfy friend that heals broken places and forever feels divine.

Our love has a purpose.

We will be together for as long as God permits the holding of hands and the walks side by side. We will listen, discuss and never give anger an all night ride.

We will break free from the disappointments of the past. We will allow ourselves to trust in our dreams and never forget that what is blessed and sacred will eternally last.

We will call upon our ancestors to direct us down the paths of protection that they envisioned. We will cling to one another through torrential storms and ask God to help us make all decisions.

How do we continue enthralling, rapturing, cultivating, and devouring love? How do we permit devotion to be our guiding dove?

¿Cómo lo hacemos?…Sólo Dios lo sabe por seguro.

How do we do it? Only God knows for sure.

By: Daphne Knox McClain