“Stir the Pot for God’s Sake!”

Boil water for heated motion; add salt for intensified flavor; add jalapeños for spice; add pickled cactus for uniqueness; add garlic for cleanliness.

Stir the pot.

Brown the beef then add paprika for flavor; toss in veggies for healthiness; throw in diced onions for shedding a few tears; add potatoes for fulfillment; add corn, bell peppers, seasonings and black pepper for diversity.

Stir the pot.

Drop in potatoes and watch them soften; scoop in tomato paste to hold it all together; pour in carrots for a little more character; fold in sliced sausages to satisfy the hunger; shred and top recipe with cabbage for a delightful, healthier rendition.


add a little sugar!

Stir the pot.

Bring to a Boil

this integrated…desegregated mixture for as long as it takes to find wellness, to feel love, to understand true nourishment, to grasp the beauty of unity and to smell the possibility of peace…Peace and Freedom for all nations, ethnicities, genders, orientations and creeds.

Stand back.


Savor the aroma.

Stir the pot…one – last – time.

Do not rush!


Now…Enlighten your mind.

Feed your Body.

Strengthen your Soul.

Relax & Enjoy

the intertwining, rotational, and loving reality of a Peaceful

co-existing Humanity


And for God’s sake, please don’t forget to stir that pot!

— Daphne Knox McClain

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