Curved roads along a purple icy path leading down a silky white wall into the pollination of life…

Royal blue or blood red smooth dripping watery pellets, diving into a long green vessel of life…some drops remain and some vanish.

photo by Daphne Knox McClain

Ashy, ghostly, barely green – maybe even an undiscovered hue, hanging long, thin and itchy leaving an uncomfortable glance that soon reveals a nightmare…or is it a creepy, spine-tingling melody guiding us through the priceless histories of two cultures?

With the blink of an eye, day turns into night leaving an elucidating bright orange that engraves the imprint of black dots. Those dots seem to burn like the eyes beneath a dragon’s fire. Do I dare touch it, smell it, break it, snap it into beautiful disintegrating blossoms? No…I dare not destroy the uncommon depths of this electrifying creation…one that when looked upon sends riveting, pulsating beats through my veins.

From my perception, these images describe my life in flowery segments – segments that are forever forming and drifting into infinity…segments that are forever living, breathing and seeming to die. From your perception? Whatever you see and whatever you feel, I’m sure you’re right…because THAT is the BEAUTY of PERCEPTIONS!

— Daphne Knox McClain

images obtained from Pinterest.com

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