Hiding behind those beautiful eyes…those deep, dark colorful eyes;

Peering through a veil of lies;

Searching for happiness with a smile.

You will not find me in a garment nor a cocoon with all its style;

You will not find me in those diamonds, that you gave me with such pride…diamonds only glisten like the sun and blind every action that says…”you’re the one”.

The truth lies in those questionable glances, as I glide along with no hand to hold.

The truth lies in those silent moments of prayer – when no one is looking and no one seems to care.

The truth lies down on my knees until they darken from fighting spiritual wars, all the while saying goodbye to pain and hello to scars.

Yes, remember God?

He was watching and He saw all the holes in the mask and the ashy skin underneath.

He saw that the holes were hollow and the tears ran deep.

He understood that the pain was severely heaped and that the words of comfort required too great a leap.

There is nothing more frightening than a fear to weep when you know in your heart that promises were made that you may never keep.

So, do I put the mask back on? It’s a great protector. It shields from love and guards the nectar.

Do I Keep Digging deep?

Do I keep running up hills layered with hidden masks endlessly long, painted and steep?


For the time that remains in this life, I’m going to unveil my love and share my joys.

I’m going to float inside the mysterious shadows of a warming heart and trust the beautiful parts.

I’m going to listen to the echos down in my soul and the humming of healing that swirls in my ears, while continuing to walk past ALL of my fears.

I’m going to see beyond the mask…that haunting mask…that beguiling mask…I’m going to stay focused on my truth…and my task.

Join me…Remove the mask and walk into your destiny.

Embrace the growth and enjoy the metamorphosis!

By: Daphne Knox McClain

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