“The Messenger called Coronavirus:COVID-19” By: Daphne Knox McClain

Retrieved from GIPHY on 4/11/20

The Coronavirus is not just about one person at any one time, it’s about all of us…all of humanity and the role we all play collectively to heal humanity . The healing that will be a result of the tragedies of sickness, death and immunity. We will gain strength in our faith as a nation and as planetary beings. We share this planet, this universe and this world together. We share the same humanness, the same weaknesses and the same ability to create peace instead of war, the power to spread love instead of hatred and the wisdom to seek knowledge and understanding instead of ignorance and cruelty. It is frightening to witness so much pestilence, disease and death but those of us who survive the awfulness, the pain and the sorrow will be changed forever. It will be up to us as creations of God to seek out our better angels and to allow the changes we experience to make us better stewards over our gifts and blessings. In many ways that are not completely explainable, our outcomes in this life and in the next life will rest upon the longevity of our strength, the extent of our love and the measure of our compassion … the changes we will witness in our lives will build or destroy our FAITH in God. Let us pray for an increase in our faith and remember that now more than ever and in all the days to come…”We ARE our brother’s keeper”!

-Daphne Knox McClain

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