“NEVER LOOK BACK” Dedicated to the graduates of 2020 By: Daphne Knox McClain

Image retrieved from Giphy.com

Never look back seeking a response and crying with fret.

Never despair in upholding the truth but rejoice until the sunsets!

Continue to march forward to a better day.

March fervently when sorrow comes to direct life a different way.

Honor the ambitions that drive you towards your dreams and demand…do not stray!

Pay tribute to the loss lives and blood that was shed to lift those heavy beams.

Rise up and command all the power found in YOUR heart’s infinite stream!

As you continue to stand, take refuge upon the sacrifices made that were proven so plain.

Rise, grab, hold on and pull yourself up by the ropes dropped down by those who were unjustly slain.

Look onward and create the gifts you will leave behind. Never look back with regret.

Press forward my sons and daughters through the swirling of time…that is how generations present and to come will offer their respect.

⁃ Daphne Knox McClain

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