“A Rose and Cup of Tea” By: Daphne Knox McClain

Life can be as beautiful yet as delicate as a rose and some of the most memorable moments in life may be shared over a simple cup of tea. SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE!

My mother loved roses…I truly understood why when after losing her, I placed a beautiful rose on her casket for the last time before they lowered her former body into the earth. All of my life, I remember my mother referring to death as “transitioning” or” passing over”. I don’t think I fully understood why until I was actually holding her hand as she “transitioned” from this life into another. Some of you may relate to those feelings and others may not. Some of you may find yourselves seeking to understand the mysteries of the universe, other galaxies, and all the wonderments of the heavens above, as do I. I would like for these conversations, discussions and chats to be a safe place to share those magnificent thoughts and questions. I will also share every beautiful thing that reminds me of “The Voice of My Mother”, which is the name I’ve chosen for my blog and non-profit organization. Please join me in sharing your most beautiful, prayers, thoughts and ideas on how to create positive change in the world while we are yet walking on earth…enjoying the beauty of this life!

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