November 18, 2020 By: Daphne Knox McClain

In their memories, we cannot give up!

It saddens me to have to write that as of today, in the world’s history, over a quarter of a million people have died in the United States from COVID-19!

I’m angry. I’m frustrated. I’m in despair. I’m disillusioned. I’m sad…I’m tired. Yes. I feel all of these emotions and so many more . Even so, I’m hopeful that a better day is coming. We cannot give up! Our children are counting on US to not give up! I watch them on a daily basis trying to remain positive about their learning. I watch our younger generations searching for joy inside of classrooms that are not even half full. In spite of those struggles, small children, teens and even college students are putting forth every effort, every day, to gain the knowledge that their teachers and professors have to offer them. As the adults in society, as the law-makers, as the world-changers and as the educators of future healers…WE CANNOT GIVE UP! WE CANNOT GIVE IN TO DEFEAT! All of those beautiful minds of the future are depending on us to get out of our own way, put aside our pride and fight for the courage to stand up to POWER! We must reclaim the bright futures for the generations of tomorrow—-TODAY!

What part will you play? How can we all roll up our sleeves and make a positive difference? That is the question that each of us must answer, after the loss of over a quarter of a million human-beings …their breaths stolen and their stories shortened…by COVID-19.

⁃ Daphne Knox McClain

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