“Think Orange and Push”By: Daphne Knox McClain

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The bell tolls with a jubilant melody.

I still feel the joy! I remember the hope!

I remember creamy-cold and soon on the way up!

It’s a favorite on the block.

A little frozen? No matter – that makes it even better!

Those were the days of growing up.

Those were the days of falling down with tears, jumping up with glee and running with anticipation!

Those were the days of exhilaration!

Rushing for two dimes, a nickel and five pennies.

Deliriously searching the house for a paper dollar… “Oh, Please Lord, let there be something inside this jingling old piggy bank!”

Dashing through the screen door!

Can’t wait for the tangy treat to touch my tongue, glide from side to side like a glacier in December – melting on its way down the back of my throat. Mmmmm!


Rip off the top paper!

Slowly push up on the white stick!

Widen your eyes and take one last look!

Embrace my insides!

Allow its chilling refreshing, coolness to caress my lips.

Push up the joy! Push up the flavor!

Push up the love! Push up the tasty memories!

One day you will want to bring back those memories.

You will want to reminisce on those moments in time…moments when children could be children, life was simple and your heart was carefree!

Can you hear it?

Can you see it?

Can you feel it?

Do YOU remember the orange Push-Ups with the white sticks?

How many smiles will enter the universe after recalling just a few seconds?

How much sadness will turn into a smile?

How much hatred will vanish for a moment?

Remember the INNOCENCE?


Take a glimpse back on those amazing licks!

~Daphne Knox McClain

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