Happy Heavenly Birthday to My Beautiful Mother❣️

Delores (Gilmer)Farris-Crittenden

All of the images I publish today will serve as a tribute to the beauty my mother possessed inside and out and also to the loving kindness she showed to others throughout her journey on this earth. We love you Mama and we miss your touch. Your touch was one of gentleness. All you ever showed me was pure, unconditional, love. Anyone who met you experienced the love of God that flowed from your heart in sincerity. You were not perfect…you never pretended to be perfect but you always taught me to live by the golden rule: “Treat others the way you yourself would like to be treated.”❤️

Today, this blog goes out to inspire my readers. It is also sent out to encourage anyone who may be feeling discouraged, depressed, lonely, sad, confused, bewildered, hurt and/or abused. Believe in yourself. Dig down deep and realize that you are greater than your circumstances and you can begin again and again if necessary, as long as their is life in your body. As long as you are alive, breathing, and able to move about, you have an opportunity to start anew. Look in the mirror; search your own heart; decide who you would like to be in life and determine the mark or legacy that you would like to leave in this world and then start over! PRESS RESET! It is NEVER TOO LATE – UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE! You got this! Now go and CULTIVATE the soul you were born to be in possession of in this universal journey and while existing in THIS Dimension! REFLECT, EVALUATE, BELIEVE, ACTUALIZE and SUCCEED…It is what I call (REBASING) your life!

-Daphne Knox McClain

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