Look Beyond the Present Day Political Climate and Seek Wisdom and Understanding

Today, most of our free time is spent absorbing the status of the political climate. You cannot escape politics. Should we even try? Should we try to have an impact on positive solutions? The political climate of our country is discussed daily on the news; it is all over social media and it is on the lips of almost everyone you meet. Unfortunately, for some individuals the political climate is depressing, overwhelming and feels divisive. However, to focus on the divisiveness is “spiritual bondage”. Free your spirit and your mind…do not allow negativity to penetrate your heart and cloud your soul. As human beings there is only so much we can control…we cannot control the actions nor the negative words and thoughts of others but we can control ourselves, our own motives and our humane intentions. In every situation search for something positive-find the good. If you can’t find good then CREATE GOOD! CREATE LOVE! DISPEL FEAR!

Daphne Knox McClain

3 thoughts on “Look Beyond the Present Day Political Climate and Seek Wisdom and Understanding

    1. Thank you Tabitha. Sometimes it’s hard because almost everyday someone or something will try to weaken your spirit and hold it captive. However, that’s when you have to find your center, remember your aspirations and focus on your personal goals.


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