“Going Home”

Image retrieved from https://bbwebb.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/pink-and-white-dogwood-trees-lexington-kentuck.jpg

Walking up the pathway to an old sturdy iron door that served as protection for 40 years…

                                                               going home

Walking inside – overcome with the stale air of lives gone awry, antique memories, joyful hearts and tortured souls…

going home

Searching for forgotten dreams, answered and unanswered prayers, remnants of lingering promises…

going home

Remembering lost memories, quiet suffering, happy meals, belly laughter and whimpering confessions…

going home

Slowly descending the aging yet dependable stairs, feeling the chilling draft left behind after the excitement of games, pets and hopeful tomorrows have vanished…

going home

Standing atop backyard steps – looking across a yard once overflowing with the beauty of Dogwoods and the watchful eyes of neighbors – now nothing but weeds and overgrown bushes….

going home

Returning back inside searching for sentimental trinkets, pictures that link the past to the present, connections, lies and untold stories…

going home

Leaving with stains from old and new tears, driving away with a heavy heart – leaving with a love planted at birth and nourished throughout childhood that grew into a meaningful life…

going home

Gazing backwards and knowing never to return.

—Daphne Knox McClain

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