“A Memorial Day Tribute to a Soldier’s Life”

A brave heart prepares a path for the weak.

The soldier does not walk alone nor fear battle in the field.

He and she cherish the blood bonds that unselfishly leak.

With shoulders broad and some slender, days seem like months that never yield.

The soldier presses forward with memories of home flowing through a shallow creek.

Fathers longing for daughters made free and mother’s remembering sons who came forth from steel.

Their hands are quick; their determination strong; their minds are locked to any painful shriek.

The soldier’s cry is one of prayer and words are those of courage – humming a silent shrill.

Their battle song rises to the heights of undying love and rests upon a fortress of tear stained cheeks.

A woman, a man…there is no difference when both are fighting for a freedom of Will.

The soldier continues to make decisions within moments and take final breaths within seconds, as He or She uses a fearless heart to march to an eternal beat.

By: Daphne Knox McClain

2 thoughts on ““A Memorial Day Tribute to a Soldier’s Life”

  1. Once again babe that was beautiful keep up the great work you got to be a great writer with all the trials and tribulations we go through and you keep coming up with these beautiful words so keep it coming love 💘 you

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