“Steadfast Love” By: Daphne Knox McClain

You cause my heart to flutter with your hazel eyes; you lead me to the dance floor of life with your gentle touch.

You don’t ever complain when I retreat to my inner place because you know that you are my center and my rock.

Your loving words take away the stings of life; the look upon your face when I enter the room is all I will ever need to ignore hidden strife.

There is nothing that can replace the peace and love I find in your arms; I wish for the world a love so tall, so free and unfettered by alarms.

Thank you for taking me with you on this day to day journey; I go willingly, easily, bravely and your strength is a boulder, a mountain, a roar, a cave of safety.

Words can never express it all but if you ever crave reassurance, watch the dancing in my eyes the deepening of the dimples in my smile and the patience in my actions.

Everyday I long to rest inside of your strength; I’m grateful for your fortitude and Im blessed to dwell beside your fearlessness.

This is how you will always know how much I love you and how much I appreciate how hard you work to carve a heart in our world and shape that world with richness and goodness.

You are my steadfast love.

– Daphne Knox McClain

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