“A Mother’s Prayer for her Son” – Dedicated to my husband and his brothers, who loss their mother in November, 2019 By: Daphne Knox McClain

Image retrieved from GIF on 1/12/20.

Deuteronomy 28:8

The LORD shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses, and in all that thou settest thine hand unto; and he shall bless thee in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

My Dear Son,

You have been a dance in my heart from the moment you were conceived to the moment you were born. I did not tell you often enough but as I have watched you grow, mature and enter manhood, that joy has only deepened.

A mother’s joy is to nurture her child but with you, I was also given the task to use the rod of discipline. Through every challenge, trial and tribulation, you became stronger; you survived and as your mother, I exhaled…I became even more proud.

My prayers changed over the years from “strengthen me Oh, Lord to strengthen, guide, and protect my sons, Dear God. The love for you in my heart could never be measured nor understood by others.

There were times my son when you may have felt that I was too hard on you or demanded too much of you… but what you did not realize was how much I adored and marveled at your journey towards independence and your hunger for prosperity.

My prayer for you my son has always been that you will be blessed. My prayer has always been that you will love God and be a leader in your home for the family that you will one day create.

I never stopped believing in you my son. I never stopped praying for your guidance. I never stopped knowing that you were a beautiful gift from God and I never stopped trusting that you and your brothers would become amazing men…and you have.

God’s final gift to you and to me my son was that He allowed us to say goodbye, until we meet again…and we will definitely meet again. Before we said goodbye, God allowed me to see your love for me…to hear in your voice the love and pride you have for your family. I was able to witness that the love you have for your brothers is stronger than ever and that the love all three of you share for me and one another is undying. I am proud to call you…my sons.

My prayers were answered my son. I can leave to take my rest now but my spirit will forever be near all three of you and surround your lives.

My last prayer is that you will always remember the happy times because there were many… that you will continue to learn the importance of love, that you will never fail to pursue your dreams and that as you follow God, you will wisely, lovingly and patiently guide and protect your families.

To my first born son, I leave with you this memory: While birthing you into the world, I became stronger; While raising you, I became a woman.

I am proud of all my sons. I was proud to watch you grow and today, I am proud of the hearts that you have developed. I see your hearts, I know our hearts and I will always be with you.

I am loving the three of you throughout eternity from within the universe.

My final words of wisdom to you are: Do not be sad…continue to fight…never lose your faith…never be afraid to take risks…and remain courageous!

With all my eternal love,


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