Yesterday, I Thought There Would Not Be Anymore Tomorrow’s…So, Today is Golden! By: Daphne Knox McClain

Herein, lies the new reality for numerous people around the globe. Many are simply thankful, as 2020 has ended and 2021 has begun, to be alive and cherish each new day. Decisions in this new year will have to be made to protect Life, Liberty, Justice, Freedom and Health.

If asked to choose between being granted the opportunity to live two more weeks, one more year or an indeterminable amount of time, what would you choose? Each choice requires sacrifice. If one were to choose an unknown amount of time then that might offer him or her the chance to survive and to live for 10 more years, 30 more years, 100 more years or maybe even one more day…it’s risky but possibly, it’s a risk worth taking for many human beings because existing within that risk lies the hope and possibility of living a full life with whatever that may entail, until reaching a ripe old age.

This new year will present governing powers in all aspects and walks of life with “CHOICES”…Choices that will affect the lives of people in various countries, states, cities, towns and providences around the world. Regardless of the choices that have to be made in present times…undoubtedly, there will be many. My prayer for future generations is that those people thrown into decision-making roles will choose to put a respect for Godly Principles and a respect for Human Life above all else because every human being possesses the urge for self-preservation.

Take a moment to consider the following questions and please choose only one from your heart. Once you have thoughtfully made your choice, please voice your decision on my blog. FOLLOW, LIKE, and COMMENT…Welcome in advance to the conversation!


1. Would you like to live 10 more years?

2. Would you like to live 5 more years?

3. Would you like to live 1 more year?

4. Would you like to live 2 more weeks?

5. Would you like to live an undetermined amount of time?

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