Happy Valentine’s Day! This poem is dedicated to everyone who is in love with Someone or Who has Ever been In Love with Someone…Special! By: Daphne Knox McClain

I am writing to you a poem with RHYTHM but little RHYME because our love… is… FREE VERSE!

With you in my life, my heart is an open book and a blank page… all at once. Open enough to receive whatever life may bestow upon us and blank enough for us to write our own story.

Our journey has been wild and crazy, filled with ups and downs, surrounded by excitement and passion, held together by tears and joy…Our love has been and will always be…Free Verse.

What is that look I see in your eyes sometimes? So distant – I can’t touch it’s glimmer, yet so near – it palpates, pulsates, and changes my heartbeat…it’s Free Verse.

Is it the same look that glows from My Eyes, through My Soul, and back at You?

Sweetheart, you know the look I’m referring to…the look that often says, “I want you. I need you I trust you. Hurt may come. Hurt may go because our love is in…Free Verse.

Through the amazing bliss, trials and tribulations we are only trying to say, ‘hang on’


N-E-V-E-R let go; let’s live out this destiny in spiritual unity…to a beat of love without rhyme and sometimes a love that is missing reason.

To love – YOU, is to

love in…Free Verse.

We know how our love story began but we do not know how it will end because in TRUTH; we are living by each incredible moment, each throbbing, sensation in the making, each lingering kiss, each holding of hands – as they grow wrinkled by time, each beat of our hearts …

We are L-I-V-I-N-G

and L-O-V-I-N-G

…in…Free Verse.

I make to you now an enduring promise…You can trust me when you are afraid. You can believe in me when everyone else has let you down. You can hold me for long hours throughout the night when your heart is shivering with doubt. You can talk to me about anything when you are fearful of judgement. You can hold my hand when all you want are the reassurances of…Free Verse.

There is NO ENDING, to this poem just as there is NO ENDING, to our LOVE. You show me EVERYDAY in EVERYWAY that you feel the same. There can never be an ENDING

…to…Free Verse.

We have never been afraid to express our love with words nor deeds…words known and words foreign. Words are the lyrics from our hearts that composes the musical rhythms of our souls. We unite as one…in Free Verse. In Free Verse, you are my muse; I could say these words to you in English or in Spanish; it would not matter because the message would be the same.

I love you…Yo te Amor!

En el Verso Libre!

Our amazing ride of rhythm and rhyme will never end. I have foreseen our forever and it will endlessly reign throughout eternity as…FREE VERSE!

( Let’s keep this poem in the safest places of our hearts.)

Happy Valentine’s Day to Anyone in Love or to Anyone, who has ever been “IN LOVE”!💕

Enjoy your Day of being MY Valentine…Make it a “Free Verse” Day!

By: Daphne Knox McClain

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